Radiology X- Ray Machine

  • The Perform-X radiographic systems are Control-X Medical’s most advanced radiographic systems due to the
  • various component configurations which can be made to match your diagnostic imaging needs.
  • A perfect choice for any radiographic environment, take advantage of these system’s versatility, durability and
  • hospital grade quality performance when searching for top quality radiographic systems.
  • Fully Digital DR system
  • Dual or Single Digital Panel
  • CR system

General Radiographic X-Ray Machines ECORAY

  • The HF-525PLUS is an affordable and dependable general radiographic system designed for flexibility and friendly use in all general radiographic procedures, it can also be custom-configured to your specific clinical requirements, including chest, spine, complete skeletal, abdominal, urological and tomography studies.
  • Different type of high performance generator based on its own high frequency technology.
  • The 4 ways table is smooth, and effortless to float, and consisted with heavy-duty structure.
  • With Fully counter-balanced, the floor mounted tube stand can travel along with the rail, and rotate 360 degree for any axial projections.
  • Wall bucky stand with electromagnetic lock for easy positioning.
  • User-friendly flat surface control panel
  • Anatomical programming (APR) by morphology, view and body part (Reprogrammable APR)
  • Modular design that saving space to fit into virtually any clinical environment

OR-Technology, Germany

DR retrofits for your existing stationary X-ray system

  • MediciDR systems are available for nearly every X-ray unit manufactured. After choosing the appropriate make and size of tethered flat panel detector, the system can be configured according to your needs.
  • The dicomPACS®DX-Rimage acquisition software is easy to operate, has a touchscreen interface, improves your workflow, and produces outstanding X-ray images. Naturally, MediciDR systems can be integrated with your practice management software and programmed to transfer X-ray images to an image management system (PACS)

Digital C-Arm Evolution

  • Geometry of C isocentric
  • Depth of C 69 cm 180 degree SID fixed
  • Movement of C motorized Fixed grid
  • Anti-collision system on flat panel and RX
  • Flat panel by Varian
  • Qt. monitor 27″ 4MP
  • High frequency generator 25 to 80 KW
  • Dissipation 50.000HU/min water cooling
  • Anode capacity of X ray tube 300.000HU
  • Digital frames 200.000
  • Acquisition in fluoroscopy and cine Up to 30fr/sec
  • Calculation of dose
  • Dicom DSDR, Dicom III with SCU SCP dicom CDROM worklist
  • DSA angiography remote control of movement wireless

HELIANTHUS Full-field digital mammography system

  • Helianthus is a full-field digital mammography system optimized for breast cancer screening and diagnostic procedures.
  • A wide range of accessories are available for different types of exams. The mammography unit is equipped with a high frequency X-Ray generator, an X-Ray tube with a high-speed biangular tungsten anode and a direct or indirect conversion detector.
  • The C-arm has fully motorized movements (vertical and rotation movement). A full range of accessories allows the device to be customized for any diagnostic need.
  • The acquisition workstation is equipped with a transparent X-ray protection barrier. The monitor can be fastened directly on the preferred side of the glass panel to provide more space on the worktop and can be positioned based on the operator’s need.